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Pennine Outdoor Pursuits offers a wide variety of walking activities from guided leisure walks to mountain leader training.

Introduction to Map and Compass Skills

This is an excellent course for anyone wishing to understand the basis of amp and compass work without any previous experience. The day starts with an introduction to the map and compass with simple explanations and demonstrations of how they work. The emphasis is on skilled navigation so the walking is not physically demanding.

Map and Compass Skills Training 2 Day Course

It can be quite difficult to pick up navigation skills just by reading books so the Pennine two day map and compass is designed to deliver a practical course with the emphasis on you leading us rather than the other way round. The course starts with an informal introduction followed by a look at basic navigation equipment. The morning continues with basic map reading and compass skills and there will be time available for each course member to calculate their own paces per 100m. In the afternoon we will embark on a short walk and look at micro-navigation in detail. Each course member will be given simple tasks and the instructor will work on a 1 to 1 ratio to ensure accuracy. At the end of the day we will introduce you to route cards and you will each be allocated certain legs to lead on the second day.

The second day is a full day held entirely outdoors to give opportunity for hands on experience and will include route planning, pacing, timing, taking bearings and locating a variety of land features on route. The venue for this day will be carefully selected to suit the group and the walk will usually end at the starting point. Within this day we will look at micro navigation and run a short search session designed to help you locate features in fog etc.


Hill Walking Skills Training Day

This is designed to give people the opportunity to venture into the hills in complete safety under the guidance of a qualified instructor. During the day course members will be encouraged to play an active part in the navigation. Specialist clothing and equipment can be provided.

Security on Steep Ground

This specialist one-day course covers the skills of basic ropework needed in an emergency whilst walking in the mountains and covers all the rope work areas in the MLTB syllabus. This course is ideal for those who are introducing others to the mountains or who are working towards some form of leader assessment.

Leader Training

This training course is designed for anyone who is or wishes to be involved in leading others into the mountains. This special 3-day course map and compass skills, leadership, weather and security on steep ground.

Tuesday, August 21, 2018