Outdoor Exercises

Our outdoor exercises involve participants in using both mental and physical skills together to provide access to their styles of leadership and teamwork.

For this reason we believe that the exercises need to have complexity and physical elements within them. The proposed changes will allow us to make the exercises physically less demanding and complicated in terms of resources whilst maintaining the elements which will be integral to meeting exercise objectives.

We have considerably simplified the planning work in terms of resource management to clear up front thinking space. We have reduced the distances that people need to travel but not the complexity of thinking required. We believe that our approach to using the outdoors as a medium for learning means that we can work with feedback and also be flexible with the exercises as we are running them and respond well to our surrounding area.


Enable participants to practice skills and leadership behaviours learned so far. The complexity of the exercises and peoples need to understand what is going on means that these are very powerful exercises. The review after the exercise is very much more useful because the participants have experienced leading and being led in sometimes rather difficult situations. However they will also have a sense of achievement which is a good base to learn from.

Provide participants with real experiences of working as part of a team, replicating management and team decision-making. Because these exercises require people to work both together and apart it simulates the real team experience well. If they do not work together well and communicate then they can clearly see what they do not achieve! Provide 'Critical moments'

Where the team dynamic id highlighted, allowing impactful examples to be cited during post experience reviews. Most trainers love working with these exercises for this very reason! Particularly elements of leading, being led, communicating, problem solving, managing/valuing difference and time management.

Supply data for discussion and feedback on individual contributions within the exercise. The complexity of the exercise means everyone has to take part - it is impossible to hide!

Using Outdoor Activities on Training Programmes.

The objective is not to test physical strength or endurance. Nothing is compulsory, everything is achievable and this part of the course is not designed to discriminate on the grounds of age, size, gender or physical ability.

No specific physical attributes are required and the activities are not over-demanding in the physical sense. They will place more demand on skills of managing situations rather than testing strengths, toughness or other physical attributes.

The physical activities are entirely voluntary - there will be no pressure put on you to undertake any activity, which you feel, would be unwise. However, if you have any concerns about your ability to participate, you may wish to discuss this in advance with the tutor and seek medical advice.

Tuesday, August 21, 2018