Field Pursuits

The specifically designed learning events that we run can be produced at any agreed location within the British Isles and Europe. Situations and challenges parallel to those found in the work place can be re-experienced and positive responses encouraged, roles and relationships can be examined to reduce stress and increase effectiveness.

These corporate activities and events not only help improve employee motivation and productivity, they also help colleagues get to know each other better in a relaxed environment. They can help you achieve work related objectives in an entertaining way.

We can help your organisation to reduce stress and conflicts in your workplace to help Improve communication skills, Improve problem solving situations, Improve managerial and leadership skills, Identify strengths and weaknesses within teams and organisations.

Social Events

These are often the most cost-effective form of team building activities, because they are low cost and high impact. It is often important to make sure that people mix, especially with larger groups, otherwise people just stick with their friends.

Here are some ideas for social events:

  • Lunchtime drink
  • Evening meal/BBQ
  • Family picnic
  • Quiz nights
  • Evening outdoor pursuits activities
  • and many more themed events....
  • Social events can be organised for very little cost and are like the oil in an engine: they can help keep the heat down and things running smoothly.

    Tuesday, August 21, 2018