SRT Rescue

The SRT rescue courses are essential to all vertical cavers who enjoy caving in small numbers or in remote regions. The courses are designed and run for those who are proficient in personal SRT concentrating on various rescue techniques to enable you to deal with all of the most common problems arising in vertical caving. They act as a basic grounding in self rescue and are essentially a very practical course looking at a variety of nasty situations which may occur on any SRT trip.

Course members must be proficient in personal SRT rigging skills and possess their own SRT kits. The rescue techniques used will be tailored around each personís own SRT kit and the rescue systems will become more complex during the course.
SRT rigging refresher days are available at low cost to people who wish to attend SRT rescue courses.

Day 1
This is held on the surface and commences with a quick S.R.T. check on personal skills. It is important that cavers who operate in small numbers or in remote areas should all be capable of dealing with problems such as a tired caver on a pitch etc, so this day is dedicated to the technical skills of self rescue from an assisted climb to a full hauling rig. The day will also concentrate on rigging and rope work and we will examine the different types of rope currently used underground with respect to properties and applications in rescue situations. Although it is expected that course members should have rigging experience, there will be time during this day to look at a variety of rigging techniques and† advice will be given if needed. Lunch on this first day can be taken at the local cafe etc. At the end of the day we will review the topics covered and give a brief on the underground day.

Day 2
A suitable underground venue will be chosen on the second day to give course members plenty of opportunity to put into practice the skills from day 1. Again working in small numbers we will examine a variety of rescue techniques and manoeuvres to enable you to carry out a simple and safe emergency rescue. Pennine instructors are at the forefront of modern vertical caving and pitch rigging techniques and we are constantly being consulted from the caving world on developing trends.

Please bring with you your own caving gear to include clothing (to include a change of clothing after the caving trip on the second day) lights, helmets and any ropes and rigging kit that you have. Please let us know your requirements if you need to borrow any caving kit. We will provide all of the specialist rigging equipment including ropes, hangers, slings etc. We can arrange accommodation if need it. Please give me a call to arrange dates and a quote for your group.