SRT Level 3

SRT Level 3 (Advanced)
It is recommended that cavers are up to level 2 standard before applying for the SRT level 3 course.

This is the final stage of the Single Rope Techniques skills courses and looks at perfecting personal progression, problem solving, self rescue and de rigging. The level 3 SRT caver will be at the standard to enjoy all SRT trips, make judgment calls on other peoples rigging, be self reliant with their own personal techniques and in general, be a sound and handy member of any caving team. No more asking where do I go or what should I do next?… The only way to go on from this course is to rig the pitches yourself…. (See SRT Pitch Rigging)

Lancaster Hole - Northern Pennines

Descending an open pothole in the Yorkshire Dales














Next Step: Enjoy your SRT caving and/or enrol on the classic caving trips. Consider the SRT Pitch Rigging Course.