SRT Guided Trips

SRT Guided Trips

Our private service is available to any individuals or small groups who require a special customised course on either a daily or weekly basis.

The main advantage of the guiding service is individual 1 to 1 tuition. This is available from basic caving to instructor assessment and gives you the choice to tailor your own course. The guiding service is ideal for those who can’t make it on scheduled courses or those who wish to reach a high standard in a very short time. Our director Mr Nigel Atkins was one of these latter ‘get good quick’ people and swears by 1 to 1 instruction.

“I had been caving for many years with my caving club before embarking on a training course and I was typical ‘why go on a training course’ person, and why not, I had a vast amount of caving experience under my belt. How wrong and badly mislead I was! I had 1 to 1 instruction in vertical rescue techniques and I have never looked back since the cost may be higher than that of an open course but for what you receive in return the money is irrelevant”. Nigel Atkins 1992


Dear Nigel,

I am writing to you to express my profound enjoyment of the week’s course in S.R.T, which I have just attended with you on a 1 to 1 ratio at Pennine caving. I could not recommend any other course in outdoor pursuits in which the teaching was marked by safety, confidence, competence and overall enormous enthusiasm. During the week, the teaching built on a starting point of a basic knowledge of caving commencing with a day of indoor S.R.T training which taught me the basic skills required underground in a less harsh environment. The course then moved on to a simple underground trip using S.R.T that evening and ended with a magnificent trip into the depths of Gaping Ghyll to round off the week.

Throughout the week the trips became more demanding, however at all times confidence was inspired and at no time was there a sense of danger. I would not hesitate to recommending this course to anyone wishing to experience the thrills of vertical caving. Once again, my tanks for an excellently organised and run week,

Yours Sincerely,

Joe Mellor

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